My name is Dan Raine. I am a level 4 qualified Software Developer living in Manchester, England.

Currently working as a front-end developer for Vet-AI. I have created many bespoke internal software solutions for companies, this means I am likely to be able to help you create anything from a simple website, to a bespoke web application.

I have been working as a developer for 3 1/2 years gaining real and relative experience which I can implement in my services.

Basic Information
Manchester, England
Experience and Qualifications:
Completed a Level 3 and Level 4 Software Development apprenticeship over a time period of 3 years
Employment History:

thecitysecret: July 2015 - September 2018

Vet-AI: September 2018 - Present

Professional Skills
HTML/Styling (CSS Libraries)
ExpressJS (Server Side JavaScript)
Javascript Librarys (Angular JS)
Customer Service

Descriptions and Benefits

Languages/Librarys Used Frequently

  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3+
  • NodeJS/ExpressJS
  • AngularJS Library (1/2+)
  • Bootstrap 3+
  • MongoJS (Database)

Description of the Languages/Libraries

I have worked using mainly technologies that are associated with the MEAN web development stack ( Mongo, Express, Angular, Node ) and have now built up a good understanding of the technologies and can transfer that knowledge into creating applications effectively.

The core language I am currently using is TypeScript which is an opensource strict syntactical version of JavaScript, regardless of this I know a lot of generic JavaScript that I picked up before writing in TypeScript so I can adapt to whatever is necessary.

HTML5 is core to any web application as it provides the layout and view that the user will see. CSS3+ couples up with HTML5 being one of the core languages necessary for web development in order to style how your webpage looks. I have used different CSS3+ Libraries such as Bootstrap (there are many more), this type of library makes it easy to style the webpage for mobile devices and has custom written classes that you can use to save time.

AngularJS (Angular2+) is a library that is component based and uses classes/models which from there you can implement all throughout your code extremely easily and efficiently, it also allows you to display your data extremely easily and keep it updating as it changes within Angular.

ExpressJS is a library built ontop of NodeJS which allows for server side JavaScript, it is absolutely fantastic for creating web API's that you can then use within your code and is extremely simple and lightweight to use.

MongoJS MongoJS is a great library that allows you to access MongoDB using an API that is extremely similar to MongoDB's Javascript shell, this makes implementing databases extremely simple.


October 2016 - May 2018

Level 4 Software Development
Baltic Training

Level 4 Software Development course completed with Baltic Training.

From October 2016 - May 2018 I completed my level 4 qualification in software development with Distinctions in all but one of my modules. I am planning on continuing with my education and hopefully can start and complete a degree in the near future, this shows I have the ability to learn new skills quickly and to good quality.

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July 2015 - July 2016

Level 3 Software Development
Baltic Training

Level 3 Software Development course completed with Baltic Training.

I left college in 2015 and started an apprenticeship at thecitysecret in software development. From July 2015 - July 2016 I completed my level 3 software development course with the training company Baltic Training.

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Projects I've Worked On

July 2015 - September 2018

Examples of work - Full Stack Development

Complex Document Sharing System - (Typescript, Mithril JS -JS Framework, Rollup JS - Module Bundler , Tachyons - CSS Framework)
Hired to work on a project that another developer was already working on they just needed extra resources, this provided the skills of working with a client on an already existing project that had to be learnt and then improved upon. The code was originally in plain JavaScript but I helped change it all to TypeScript whilst extracting the code in separate typescript classes and components all made type safe by implementing interfaces which in turn lead to a very efficient set of code that was very scalable. This project has given the opportunity to work with an external client remotely and allow the development of communication skills through daily task setting and catch up meetings.

GDPR Application - (MEAN Stack + Typescript for AngularJS, Email Server)
Recently completed a project regarding the GDPR Laws, whereby the customer had a list of emails they wanted to mass send a GDPR acceptance email and then receive the results via their prefered data format. The application allowed a csv upload of an email list then the user could mock up an email template within the application that included their branding which would be sent to each individual on the email list with a specific message specified by the client. It would then send a confirmation link to each email and would record which result each user in the email list clicked on. After the GDPR cut off date had been reached the data was sent in the desired format to our client to say who had opted in to receive email notifications, who hadn’t replied and who selected to specifically decline.

Company Internal Database System - (MEAN Stack + Typescript for AngularJS)
The prime example would be working for a client that required a system to monitor company hardware assets, software licenses/renewals and employee data regarding which PC belonged to which employee (with all the data about the PC inside this too). This was built using the MEAN stack of technologies to create a web application that was easy to use and mobile friendly (Mongo, Express, Angular, Node). In addition the bootstrap css library was used to make it mobile friendly and to create a pretty UI.

Google Calendar Holiday Counter System - (MEAN Stack + Typescript for AngularJS)
Another example was a system that used the google API's extract the company’s calendar data, manipulate it using logic and then display the data to the user showing how many holidays they have used, on what dates they used these holidays, and how many holidays they had left, the same principle was done for the amount of sick days for each employee. This saved the administration staff a lot of time because previously they would have to manually go through the calendar and count each individual holiday per employee that would cause the process to take over half an hour each time. This process was completed using the MEAN Stack and accessing google’s built in API’s through express routes with the data being manipulated and displayed using AngularJS.

Services I Provide
Website Development
Website Development

If my services are required I can create you a completely customisable website with the look and feel that you want to the same quality as you see on this website itself. I can work with you to implement your brand and get it online and hosting to your own domain so that customers can go to your website and learn more about the services that you provide, or if it is required I can create a website with an online store which can be used to move sales online through your website.

Software Development

I can create solutions to problems that you require fixing, see my Work Experience section to find out more about the work i've previously done. I can provide solutions from the starting process through to the launching process as I can work within the full MEAN stack and using other Javascript librarys that work towards using a full web stack of developer tools.

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